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God has a call in His Own Spirit. The call of the Spirit of God is the call of righteousness, the call of truth, the call of love, the call of power, the call of faith (taken from a teaching from John G. Lake).

Jesus spoke it.
The disciples heard it.
Paul heard it.
John Alexander Dowie, John G. Lake, Smith Wigglesworth, and E. W. Kenyon heard it.
Do you hear it?

“I saw a company of men walk out, and I saw all the diseases and all the crimes and agonies; I saw cancers and tumors and tuberculosis; and I saw a company of men and women walk down in the midst of it, and I heard them say, “Here come the sons of God; here come the conquerors.
And the sons of God said to disease, ‘In the Name of Jesus, depart,’ and disease fled.  It fled as it did before the Son of God.  It obeyed because the Son of God sent them out and gave them His name as authority.  I saw the company of men enter into the lost dominion.  They put upon them the garments of their authority and mastered.  They were rulers.
I cried, ‘My God, my God, where are the mighty men of valor of today, the men that can assail the forces of Satan?’God has in training some men and women that are going to do exploits for Him.Will you not come up and live in that realm?

Do you hear the call?

The call to walk in and demonstrate the power of Primitive Christianity? The call to preach the Gospel ‘in demonstration of the Spirit and power’ (1 Cor. 2:4)
Join those of like mind…..Dowie, John G.Lake, Smith Wigglesworth, Kenyon, Charles S. Price, Maria Woodworth-Etter.

We are sending out the ‘call’ to those interested in forming a group to study and learn from the past giants of the faith.
Prayer partnering….
Study groups….
Information sharing…..
Share information on the generals of Faith in the past
Organize and run national pray teams
Have monthy conference calls for teaching and prayer and inspiration
Regional Seminars……
Equipping to minister in the ‘same Spirit’……

Let’s carry forward their legacy. It’s time for the “Fire” of Pentecost to be seen in the land once again.

“The difficulty with church has been that men were induced to confess their sins to Christ and acknowledge Him as Savior and there they stopped, there they petrified, there they withered, there they died, dry rotted. I believe that in these phrases I have expressed the real thing that has taken place in 85%  percent of professing Christians”…John G. Lake

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